Compassion Checklist

46 ways to practice Compassion

As young people, we are struggling to truly make sense of the challenges we face.

Addiction to social media
Cyber bullying
High Stress levels
Uncertainty of the future

These are a few aspects that hold us back from reaching our full potential. However, self-compassion is one of the keys to navigating, and thriving in spite of these challenges. 

Here is a Compassion check list for you to use when navigating everyday life.

Some are simple to understand and some others have a resource to understand them better.

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 A fun and easy exercise would be  to pick one or two points from this list (that you would like the talk about or discuss). Reflect on them, and share how they made you feel when we speak on the 13th of June. 

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Care for self (Step one)

Take adequate rest. Balance work with rest so that you feel nourished and energized by rest, including a good night’s sleep.


Make sure that regular and joyful exercise is a vital part of your daily routine. Use all opportunities to exercise, e.g., taking the stairs instead of a lift, using the stairs at airports, and walking instead of taking the car.


Analyze how you spend your time and energy during the day. Do you spend time doing what matters most to you? What activities give you energy or make you tired? Schedule time for your priority goals

Time spent in forests and fields, walking the dogs on a wooded path, just breathing in fresh air is very nourishing to the body and soul.


Tell someone you love them and that you are grateful to have them in your life at least once a week.


Most importantly, daily study to maintain the intellect.

Care for self (Step Two)

Take a moment to be silent and just listen.

Purify your life at all levels: Pure organic fresh whole foods for the body, positive, uplifting, Inspiring stories for the mind, and remembrance of your oneness with Wholeness/all of life for the Spirit.

Drop sugar, salt, refined flour, dairy and animal-based foods from your diet.


Importance of a balanced diet:

Why drop sugar :

Keep a journal in which you can reflect on questions, and also do some speed writing. Keep five minutes each morning for “Morning Pages”. Writing without stopping or editing for five minutes continuously.


In your interaction with others, if you see anger rising or are getting upset, excuse yourself and walk away. Take a deep breath and then choose a positive, constructive response. Remember, you are 100% responsible for your thoughts, feelings and actions. Take care to look after your happiness. Forgive the past.


Try to have face to face conversations and more direct interactions with people. Set aside some time for intimacy with your near and dear ones. Recognize that you may be pressuring others as much as yourself and get their cooperation instead.

By your actions, show others you are a person who can be trusted and counted upon.

Slowly back away from external ,physical triggers of negativity to help detach.


Care for self (Step Three)

Inquire into the question ‘Who am I?’. Analyze dispassionately, like a good scientist, what constitutes your notion of “I”.


Keep your attention on whatever the senses are bringing in now, in each moment. Whenever you need a mini break from it all, pause for a few minutes and just witness the inflow and outbreath of your breathing.


Accept yourself as you are with love and do everything with total awareness. Make appreciation and gratitude an indelible attitude.


Forgive yourself for past mistakes. Take them as valuable life lessons and learnings that have left you stronger.


Say “Yes” to life. Accept everything as an opportunity to grow. Take things cheerfully as opportunities to develop your inner and outer muscles. Surrender to existence with total trust.

Hold a clear intention / specific vision of what you would like to manifest in life.


Identify your life purpose. As a person, what are the few important things in your life that you need to commit yourself to?

Care for others (Step One)

Spend time in empathetic listening. Pay attention to what the other is saying and feeling. 


Speak the truth. Keep your word. This makes it easy for people to trust you.

Be generous with your Appreciation and Gratitude towards others.

Giving generously of your time for others.

Look after stray animals in your neighborhood. Be kind to birds and other such animals.

Reduce the time you spend online and on gadgets. Use this time to build intimacy and trust through connections, conversations and co-creation.


Care for others (Step Two)

Help teach children around your neighborhood, not only subjects but also help imbibe a set of values.

Initiate acts of loving kindness…even random ones! Small acts like paying a gift forward, making meals for sick people, listening to someone who is suffering, and teaching someone something for free can give both the recipient and the giver immense joy. Serve others from your gifts.


Listen attentively to someone who is not like you.

Care for others (Step Three)

Forgive others and let go of the past.


Make gifts with friends for children in the hospital. Distribute gifts and fruits on Diwali, Holi, Christmas etc.

Involve a team of friends to reduce the carbon footprint.


Get together with your friends to do something together for others. Coming together for something beyond ourselves  creates a high level of bonding and joy

Take care of yourself and get better equipped so that you can take care of others. During times of social distancing, it is especially important to stay connected with your friends and family. Helping others cope with stress through phone calls or video chats can help you and your loved ones feel less lonely or isolated.

Care for the Environment (Individually)

Consume less, including water and fuel. Stop using disposables.

Walk more. Avoid using vehicles for short distances.

Buy locally produced organic food and other items of daily use locally.

Eat more plant-based whole foods. Avoid dairy and animal-based products.

Learn about composting and converting kitchen waste to compost.


Care for the Environment (As a group)

Share things with others.

De-clutter your life and possessions. Donate and give away stuff you are not using.


Plant a community garden. Take up a monthly ritual where you help other people grow trees and plants for the community. Plant trees as if your life depends upon them (PS: It does!)

Encourage carpooling with your friends.


The main takeaway from the exercise

Understand the power of Self Compassion, a path to navigating today's complex world.

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A Compassionate Road Map

Compassion allows you to reclaim your inner power, be at peace, relate joyfully with others and contribute to making a difference in areas that we are called to naturally. These qualities offer an effective ROAD MAP to making a major difference in your life, the lives of others, the environment and all earthlings. When you look at life through COMPASSIONATE EYES - you will see that our natural condition is mean to be joyful, peaceful and healthy and nurturing.

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