Fireflies Arise!

An un-common Vision of the Emerging Future

Conscious Conversations: Episode #4

A heartfelt conversation with Arun Maira.

Arun Maira has an unusual combination of experience as a thought leader, author, and consultant to leaders on subjects of leadership and institutional transformation, in the private, public and social sectors. He is a former member of Planning Commission of India.

Arun Maira’s book ‘A Billion Fireflies’ is a reminder of the ideas for a new paradigm—of what it should be and how it can be brought about—that far-sighted people had proposed before the pandemic. The time has come to convert those ideals into reality.  

In the last two or three centuries, our world has been shaped with a myopic notion of progress that continues to glorify money and material progress exclusively.

This is abundant and ingrained to the point that each generation cannot look beyond these limited ideas of prosperity; subliminally controlled by a few seeking to further only their agendas

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Who are the Fireflies?

To unravel the true calling of what are now planetary existential crises, we require change makers and leadership who are the Fireflies of our world. They are the facilitators of immediate change in a more local, intuitive and community centric vision.

One that contributes to the overall restoration of a wholesome balance through the lens of the UN’s 17 SDG goals.

Why are they needed?

Though path breaking technological ideas and economic globalization (more recently) have propelled the progress of humanity, we have overstepped our natural boundaries and lost our human essence. This path continues to threaten the ecological and spiritual balance of our planet, while propagating an erroneous understanding that one size of progress fits all!

What is the nature and qualities of a Firefly ?

How can they facilitate collective action without furthering an agenda
often guided by the ego?

How can they activate movements rooted not only in vision but also action?

Join us in an interactive Zoom conversation and Q&A session
on 25th April 2021  at 4 – 5 p.m. (IST) with authors Arun Maira and Arun Wakhlu
as we delve into the causes, challenges and realizations of
what a Billion Fireflies can co-create on our planet earth.

Three Key Takeaways you can expect from the session:

#1 Understand the humongous potential and benefits that local movements and leadership
can play in connecting, conversing, collaborating, and co-creating for impactful change.

#2 Recognize the role of a catalyst and the three important tracks that differentiate
this kind of action from conventional leadership roles and ideologies.

#3 Realize your own inner potential to be a Firefly and gauge your readiness
for this kind of inspiration and action.

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The Conscious Conversations Series

One Wholesome World.

About the Sessions

Conversations shape our thinking,and when we do it consciously it shapes our emotions, which in turn influences our actions. The Conscious Conversation sessions are a series of interactive dialogues presented by the One Wholesome World Movement to inspire and serve this thought process and co-create a a more inclusive world for all beings.

 By Arun Wakhlu

Arun Wakhlu is the co-author of the One Wholesome World book and a  pioneer in the area of integrating Spirituality with Leadership and Wholesome Development. He has designed and facilitated many innovative Leadership Development interventions for leading Indian and International organizations.

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Fireflies Arise!

An un-common Vision of the Emerging Future.

Please RSVP below. You’ll be emailed the details of the session.
There is no charge to attend.

One Wholesome World

The One Wholesome World movement is a return to conscious ways of living in respectful harmony with oneself, with other people, and with the natural environment. It is a movement to reclaim the miracle of LIFE…
Love In Full Expression.

Meet the Facilitators

Arun Wakhlu

Arun Wakhlu, is the Founder Director and Chief Mentor of Pragati Leadership Institute, Pune, India . A spiritually inspired and professionally skilled community working with leading clients in 29 countries.

He  is a member of the global executive council of the Charter for Compassion and  the Chairman of Pragati Foundation, an NGO dedicated to unfolding Joy, Peace and Abundance through facilitating connections, conversations and co-creation.

Co-author of the One Wholesome World book and author of the award winning book “Managing from the Heart”, Arun has worked to develop leaders in international leading organizations (Business, Education, NGOs and Governments). He loves LIFE , and sees it as Love In Full Expression!

Arun Maira

Arun Maira has an unusual combination of experience as a hands-on leader, a consultant to leaders, and a thought leader on subjects of leadership and institutional transformation, in the private, public and social sectors. He has written several books on institutional transformation, and he writes regularly in journals.

Arun was a Member of India’s Planning Commission from 2009-14, prior to which he was Chairman of the Boston Consulting Group, India. Earlier, he had worked with the Tata Group in India for 25 years, and for another 10 years with Arthur D Little Inc and Innovation Associates in the USA.

Presently, he is Chairman of Helpage International and an Advisor to several civil society networks. Arun Maira was born in Lahore in undivided India on August 15, 1943.

A Billion Fireflies

The Covid-19 pandemic has revealed the fragility of economic systems, and the precariousness of the incomes and lives of people all over the world. We must “build back better” and create a more resilient economy, which is more inclusive, and more just, than our economies are.

What should be the contours of the “new normal”, and how will we change the old normal to the new, are questions we must collectively address now, and urgently. Otherwise, the old will recreate itself, driven by the embedded ideas about good economics on which it was founded. “Never waste a crisis”, leaders and policymakers say. 

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