The One Wholesome World Book

Wherever you are and whoever you are, know that your being on this web page is not a coincidence.
If you are still and you listen to the whispers of your heart, you will know why this book has come to you.

Our basic tenet is that the challenges of ‘development’ that humankind is facing are not purely physical but also social and spiritual. And so this book is an invitation to listen to guidance from  the heart  of our shared  Humanity, our Real and Whole  Self. It is also an invitation and roadmap to join others doing awesome  work, to co-create One Wholesome World…

 The whole book is broken up into three parts:

Part 1: Seeing Anew
Part 2: Awakening Capacity
Part 3: Love in Action

The first three chapters of the book (under Seeing Anew) look at the assumptions and beliefs that guide our current view of development. 

Having got a sense of the larger context and foundation, the next two chapters, four & five (under Awakening Capacity) explore the process of awakening to Wholeness and how this personal awakening can take on more collective forms through Wholesome Leadership. 

As we heal our connections with our Self, with others and with the environment, individual and collective capacities expand.

With our capacities awakened and expanded, through this threefold reconnection, we are ready to become instruments of Love in Action. In chapters six to ten we have focused on a few key areas for Wholeness to do its work. 

Each chapter ends with some actionable points (under the heading Joyful Action Now). These will hopefully inspire and empower you to become one with the wholeness of Life.

You can read each chapter at your own pace by downloading it. Click or tap on a tile below, and sign up with your name and email address to access it. We hope you enjoy the journey that our work aims to establish. 

Part One: Seeing Anew

Chapter 1: Seeing with New Eyes

In this chapter, we start off by looking at the process of seeing itself. Why is it so important to see the whole picture? How does what we pay attention to, determine our emotional state and consequent actions? This chapter looks at examples of what is working well in the world and how these can be the seeds of co-creating a new world that works for all.

Chapter 2 : Examining the Roots

Building on chapter one, we look at the roots of our current worldview. At how we ‘construct’ our world through (often unexamined) assumptions. The chapter ends by showing how our current dominant view of development suffers from three dis-connections.

Chapter 3: A New Paradigm of Development

Building on what we have discussed in Chapters 1 and 2. This chapter offers a radically new perspective; one which is free of, and inclusive of all viewpoints and perspectives. This is the space of Wholeness, based on oneness with the Universal Intelligence that runs all of life. In this, we see how Love can be a foundation for a very different approach to life and development.

Part 2: Awakening Capacity

Chapter 4 : The Peculiar Journey of Awakening to Wholesomeness

Having got a sense of the larger context and foundation; in this chapter we explore the process of awakening to Wholeness.

Chapter 5: Awakening Wholesome Leadership and Collective Action

Building further on an individual awakening to Wholeness. In this chapter, we further explore how this personal awakening can take on more collective forms through Wholesome Leadership.

Part 3: Love in Action

Chapter 6 : Seeing and Beeing whole - Unfolding an Era of Ethics and Peace

In this chapter, we focus on Peace and Ethics. We see the common root of these apparently different aspects of a wholesome life.

Chapter 7 : Education for a Wholesome World

Chapter 7 explores what education for a Wholesome World looks like. It answers the query of how education needs to change, to bring forth the world we would be proud to hand over to our children and grandchildren.

Chapter 8 : Healing People and the Environment

In this chapter, we talk about healing – both people and the environment. These two are so inextricably linked that we have combined them into one chapter. Business has the power to transform the world. Can a business become a force of good on Earth? What are the examples of this? How does this work?

Chapter 9 : Working from Abundance- New ways for people to be in a Business

Chapter 9 explores how businesses can work from abundance and generate even more value for all.

Chapter 10 : Wholesome Governance

This chapter addresses the critical aspect of good governance, and what wholesome governance looks like in practice.

Chapter 11 : Reclaiming our one wholesome world

The book concludes with this chapter on how we can reclaim a Wholesome World. It addresses the question of the practical actions that we can take, at different levels and in different roles to, manifest the vision professed in this book.

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This book proposes a new paradigm of development.. One that arises from millions of people reclaiming their wholeness and acting together in the service of the whole.  As more people reclaim this, a catalytic transformation of collective human consciousness will occur tipping us all towards one wholesome world.